Student Driver Crashes Through DMV Window Which May Affect Driving Test Score

For most people, there’s a few universally acknowledged tricky parts to your first driver’s test: parallel parking, finding a way to text without the instructor noticing, and, also important, not smashing through the window of the DMV when taking your test. A 46-year-old student driver from Waterbury, Connecticut may have had some issues with that last one.

Thanks to our glorious modern age, there’s security camera video of the event, which looks pretty much like what you’d expect a Prius backing through a window looks like:

The student driver was attempting to back into the parking spot when they mistook the tall, narrow, make-go pedal for the short, wide make-stop-now pedal. There were only minor injuries reported, with one person going to the hospital.


The final score for the driver was not released; I’m not sure how well they would have had to have done on the written exam to not have this keep them from getting a license.

You do have to give the hapless driving student credit for one thing, though: she made a DMV appointment non-boring for a number of people, and that’s a pretty impressive achievement.

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