Student Builds DeLorean Hovercraft By Hand

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Matthew Riese, a 26-year-old grad student, is hand-building what every kid in 1985 desperately wanted — a hovering DeLorean just like in the movie Back to the Future. Now he needs your help.


Riese started building the hovercraft in his spare time two years ago, following the same childhood dream pretty much anyone in their late twenties has, to be just like Doc Brown an drive a flying DeLorean. Well, DeLorean's aren't shaped in a way to develop significant aerodynamic lift and we haven't developed anti-gravity flight yet, an the only flying car out there, the Terrafugia, looks dorky at best, so a hovercraft DeLorean will have to do. Riese has finished what he calls a "rough draft" and is now looking to refine and finish the car. Unfortunately he's out of money and he's looking for some help.

Some of the thing he's selling include goofy stuff like pictures of the car and drawings he's done, but others are really cool. Local band music from his friends, magnetically reactive fluid and rides in the DeLorean when it's finished. He's set a donation deadline of July 20th, which is coming up faster than we'd like, so if you want to see this crazy dreamer build something we've all dreamed of since the 80's (no matter how hokey the interpretation) head over to his Delorean's Kickstarter Donation Page donation page and chip in. We did. Oh, and tell him Jalopnik sent you!

(Hat tip to Joe!)