Studebakers Are Back, Baby

Ready for a blast from the past? GWA Tuning Shop is bringing back those cars you hear about sometimes in Mad Men in honor of the record 20 Panamericana victories racked up by Studebakers.

GWA will construct and auction off a fleet of 20 racing Studebaker Commander Starliner Coupes called the “Veinte Victorias.” 19 of the cars will be decked out in yellow racing liveries, with one intimidating black pace car. And if you’re not drooling over that, you will over GWA’s description of what’s under the hood:

The car uses a 6.2L LS9 Supercharged V8 motor from a corvette with 620 HP and a 6 speed manual gearbox, Brembo HPK brakes, special suspension and a reinforced tubular chassis. Wheels have also been designed by GWA in 19x8 ½ front and 19x11 rear with Bridgestone tires, exhaust system will be manufactured by Fabspeed. The Veinte Victorias is ment to be a a real fun car to drive, as well as a collectors item for those that had competed, or been folowing the Carrera for all this years.


This isn’t your grandma’s Studebaker. But maybe if she asks nicely, you’ll let her ride in it.

(photo via GWA Tuning)

Nicole Conlan is a writer and comedian living in New York. She has written and edited for Jalopnik, SB Nation, and Sports Illustrated. Nicole also writes for the UCB Maude team Goodbye Handsome. You can contact her on Twitter right here.

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