While any act of automotive vandalism is senseless, we've heard of few more pointless acts of vehicular destruction than what happened last weekend outside of the Canadian city of Edmonton, AL. Sometime between last Saturday and last Sunday vandals broke into the barn where Don Keltie kept his car collection and the automotive carnage seen here is the terrible result.

After breaking into the locked barn where it was stored, the criminals managed to get the Canadian man's prized 1956 Studebaker running. First they got it stuck in the mud, then in a truly heinous act of automotive destruction they decided to set the car on fire. The unidentified vandals also pushed a 1925 Ford Model T Keltie had recently acquired out of the barn where it was stored and badly smashed the windows and the bodywork of the car.

Keltie experienced every car lover's nightmare when he discovered the destroyed cars on Monday. Although two other cars stored on property were not vandalized, the Studebaker is destroyed beyond repair and the Model T will need a significant amount of repair work. In an interview with CTV Edmonton, Don Keltie explains that the destruction of his beloved Studebaker is "like losing a relative" and is "very hard to take".


Police were able to get some fingerprints off of the two cars, but so far they have been unable to identify the culprits. Anyone with further information about this terrible incident is encouraged to contact the RCMP.

Hat tip to selrahcdraeh!