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Stripper Gets Drunk, Covers With Car Jacking Story - Geo Storm Only Flaw

Illustration for article titled Stripper Gets Drunk, Covers With Car Jacking Story - Geo Storm Only Flaw

Brandy Hicks is a young lady of many talents, stripping being one of them, lying to the cops being another. Seems she didn't want the party to end after her shift at Orlando's Dancers Royale on Monday, and danced the night away, with booze. Waking up in the morning she was confronted with a problem, seems the 27-year-old has a father who kept his daughter on a strict curfew, and he would be none too happy his little darlin' had missed it. So she did what something that probably sounded brilliant at the time - lied.


Miss Brandy (or Bambi, Honey, Candi, Porsche, whatever her name is) concocted a story which placed her at the center of a car jacking where a man approached her car at an intersection and whacked her over the head. She of course blacked out and woke up six hours later in the woods, missing her purse and her car. Police, being the nosy types that they are, started investigating and found Hicks' awesome Geo Storm that anybody would die to car jack only a few blocks away from the scene of the 'crime' (stumbling distance wethinks). This is when it all fell apart and Brandy admitted to the whole half-assed attempt at getting out of trouble. She was released but still may be charged with being a pain in the ass making a false report, she's definitely being fined $600 for wasting Police time.[]

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A 27 year old stripper named Brandy that lives at home, drives a Storm, has a cop for a dad, and is afraid of getting kicked out of the house.

She's not doing it right.