Street Rods Only Bringing Split-Window 1961 Corvette To SEMA

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We've always liked the generation-straddling '61 and '62 Corvettes. They manage to strike a handsome balance between C1 flavor and C2 daring; no small feat considering a 'half-car refresh' would normally strike terror in heart of even the hardest auto enthusiast. Such opinions weigh heavily upon this split-window C1 Corvette being prepared for SEMA by the folks at Street Rods Only, a hot rod shop out of Decatur, IL. It seems they're taking a split-window fastback hard top they offer for sale and grafting it directly onto a replica 1961 Corvette, then dropped it all on a frame occupied by an LS crate motor. We are thus torn.
So it's an all-new Vette, with nothing from the factory, sporting hi-po parts and custom bodywork. What's not to love? Well, nothing really, it just makes us feel icky. Call us traditionalists, but a 'Vette should look like a Vette (we still have nightmares about Corvette Summer, so don't get us started) and this business of mixing peanut butter into one's chocolate makes it feel like we're seeing something... unnatural. And then there's the problem of a fully functional trunk in the back — heresy! Now, if the question goes from "do you like the design?" to "would you drive the hell out of it?" the question becomes an emphatic yes, but these fiberglass Frankensteins are still freaking us out. [Street Rods Only, via Corvette Blogger]