You know how you have to wait around for hours for a Comcast technician to show up? We've finally found why that is. Two Comcast employees were street-racing their vans around Huntsville, AL. The racing turned less fast-and-furious and more tragic as one van lost control and hit a vehicle that had three-year-old Kayleen Smith inside. The accident left Smith in a coma. Eyewitness reports say the vans were traveling at 75 mph in a 50 mph zone. One van tried to make a right turn and that's when it slammed into a vehicle containing Smith, her older sister and grandmother. The sister and grandmother escaped injury-free.

A Comcast manager gave the default "thoughts and prayers" comment to the media and the Comcast employee refused to comment on the situation. No criminal charges have been filed thus far with an investigation ongoing. [WAFF via CG]

Photo Credit: Tyler Yip @ Flickr