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Street Racer Running From Police Helicopter Is Like GTA In Real Life

This is what Grand Theft Auto would look like in real life — a group of Honda Civic street racers are spotted by a police helicopter, then flee through the streets of Philadelphia. They outsmart the cops, and then upload the whole thing to YouTube.


Let me start by saying that street racing is about as low as it gets in the car world. It's pointless (drag nights in the Northeast can be as cheap as $20), dangerous, and it gives a bad name to all gearheads.

Now, here's a complete recap of the video, since the editing is a little choppy.

The video follows one white Honda Civic, starting at a street racing meet. A police helicopter arrives, and everyone runs for their car Fast and the Furious-style. The cars take off, rushing through the streets of Philly, stopping under bridges along the way. The white Honda and the other cars it's with finally lose the chopper under a long overpass. The street racers never encounter a cop car.


Amusingly, at one point in the video the white Honda slows to a crawl as it and other racers slowly creep out of a parking lot. They're saving their low front lips from breaking off on the pavement.

This video, which has already racked up a quarter of a million views, posted on August 30th. That's only four days after Christopher Adam Tang aka Afroduck posted a video of illegally setting a record run around Manhattan to YouTube. Afroduck's video ended with him getting arrested (even though he also never saw a cop car on his drive) facing multiple misdemeanor charges.

The story of this real-life GTA video may not be over.

(Hat tip to Baker K. Khan!)

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Erzhik Tem

Are we sure it was a police chopper and not one of them with a drone and a flashlight? Usually when a police chopper arrives, it would coordinate with officers in police vehicles. And given that there wasn't a single cop car in that video, says that this video is most likely fake.