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A massive storm that struck the Russo and Steele auction grounds Thursday caused, according to estimates, $1.5 million in damages. That includes a massive tent protecting the classics falling, scratching and denting 600 cars. Gallery of carnage below.


This is basically the nightmare of any classic car restorer. You spend months or years rebuilding the car, days detailing it, and have it towed to the auction grounds before the sale. All this work and the tent it's in collapses before you sell it.

The same gale terrorizing the Russo and Steele auction in Scottsdale also threatened the Barrett-Jackson auction across town and forced organizers to move everyone into a main tent and surround it with semi trucks, according to The Arizona Republic.


Despite the damage, auctions resumed yesterday. (Hat tip to Mike!)

[The Arizona Republic]

Photo Credit: tjmyers769 @ Picasa

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