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Stop What You're Doing And Watch Fast Cars Tackle 25 Incredible Alpine Passes

gif: Thomas Coldsteel/YouTube

Eighteen people in Europe lived the ultimate dream last month, driving nine performance cars through France, Switzerland and Italy along 25 gorgeous mountain passes in only a span of five days. And luckily for those of us in need of our daily dose of car and mountain porn, the whole thing was caught on camera.


Thanks to the Dutch organization Car Challengea group that apparently hosts a whole slew of trips for car enthusiastswe get to see a drone’s-eye view of nine cars flying along beautiful alpine roads. There’s no talking and very few music lyrics, just beautiful cars and breathtaking landscape. Prepare your minds for the best three minutes of your day:

Here’s the map of the 25 alpine passes. Looks like a hell of a trek, especially for those in the “cozier” exotic cars. But there’s no doubt the drive was worth having to cram all their stuff on the piping hot floorboards.

Illustration for article titled Stop What Youre Doing And Watch Fast Cars Tackle 25 Incredible Alpine Passes

The dream—these people lived it. And even if I’m just sitting in my underpants in my suburban Detroit home with no exotic car in sight, at least, for three minutes, I got to live vicariously through their drone. And you know what? I’ll take that.

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