The easiest way to go racing on a road course — bar none — is through an amateur endurance series. You can split costs and seat time with friends, and compete in an open, friendly environment of like-minded gearheads. But is there a race near you next year? There’s now a map for that.

Mike Gehri of Bromance Racing put together this absurdly handy Crapcan Racing Map of all the series open to his budget-limited race car. In addition to cheap car mainstays ChumpCar and the 24 Hours of LeMons, he’s added the relatively new Lucky Dog Racing League. Additionally, there’s the dates for American Endurance Racing and the World Racing League, which are open to whatever you have lying around to race—crapcan or not.


If there’s certain series you prefer over the others, you can isolate one series’ tracks on the map by clicking the series logo above the map.

Go check it out here. There’s something going on at nearly every corner of the map, so you have no excuse not to build a car or join a team. I mean, we even wrote a guide on how to start racing an inexpensive endurance beater. What are you waiting for? You might as well open up the Craigslist tab and start searching for questionable (if not amusing) projects now.

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