Stadium Super Trucks is, by far and away, the perfect race series for someone who cares for nothing about racing. Do you really care which driver hates which? No. Do you really care whose dad was whose? No. Do you even care who wins? Not really. But it's loud, it's fast, it's slidey, and, oh yeah, SWEET JUMPS.


Also, the drivers all have names like Creed, Kincaid, Mingay, Price, and even "Pretty," which I'm pretty sure is the cast list for a straight-to-VHS 1980s action film. They all pop a wheel in the corners and there's zero grip whatsoever, too, so they're not so much racing as they are wrestling around a race track. It's really got everything you want, and nothing you don't, for someone who's never seen a race before and/or is very hungover on a Monday morning.


I love Stadium Super Trucks, and just by existing, Stadium Super Trucks loves me.

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