Stolen Porsche Found At The Base Of A Cliff After Being Missing For 27 Years

Photo credit: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Photo credit: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

A 1979 Porsche 924 stolen from a Medford, Oregon, parking lot in 1991 has finally been found at the base of a cliff southwest of Crater Lake, reports KOMO. From the looks of the car, it certainly didn’t have the most pleasant trip down there.

It’s always sad to see such pointless Porsche-struction like this, but at least this car was finally found—albeit in pretty bad shape. A man spotted the wrecked car Tuesday afternoon after following his dog off Abbott Prairie Road. The crashed car was about 40 miles from Medford.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office report confirmed that it was a car that had been missing since 1991:

Heavy forest debris indicated the vehicle had been there for a significant period of time. The registration tags expired in 1991. Further investigation found the Porsche was reported stolen on January 20, 1991, from the parking lot of the Southside Cinema in Medford.

Photo credit: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Photo credit: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

The vehicle’s final resting place at the base of a cliff kept it mostly hidden from view from the road above. The sheriff’s report said that no human remains were found near the vehicle, however, as the only bones they found close to it were those of a deer.

It’s also going to make it hard to retrieve the car, as the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office noted:

The vehicle’s location on steep, rugged terrain presents logistical and environmental concerns for removal. Sheriff’s Office officials are working to determine the best course of action.


Please, at least think of the environment before wrecking your stolen Porsche next time and just ditching it for 27 years, you inconsiderate thieves. Oh, and maybe don’t steal the Porsche in the first place. This is senseless Porsche violence at its worst.

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No way that thing has been there for 27 years.