Were you inspired to go out and get yourself a Bullitt Mustang after my story last week about how it's destined to become a future classic? If so, consider completing the look by investing in the brown blazer that Steve McQueen wore in the iconic film.

Up for grabs at the end of this month is the blazer McQueen wore in Bullitt. It's being auctioned off by California house Profiles in History, and GQ anticipates it could sell for as much as $800,000.


Look at it. It's almost professorial, isn't it? Like, if you were a professor of being fucking awesome, that is.

The auction listing (here in PDF format) describes the jacket as that brown herringbone jacket with suede sleeves that Frank Bullitt wore during the most famous chase sequence of all time.

This sports jacket is, without question, the premier 20th century male cinematic wardrobe piece, worn by star and “King of Cool” pop culture icon Steve McQueen in his best-remembered role... Cooler than a fridge loaded with ice cubes at the North Pole.


Please note that you will not look as cool as Steve McQueen does in this jacket. But that's not your fault. It's simply because you aren't Steve McQueen, and looking as cool as him is physically impossible.

But you might be able to come close. How much is that worth?

Hat tip to Jalopnik Brasil!