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We knew this was coming for a while, but it’s finally here. Once-bearded drama kid, former Colbert Report host, soon-to-be Late Show host, and all-around consummate gentleman Stephen Colbert, has gotten coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. In an old wooden Morgan on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, of all things.


There’s something so effortlessly charming about a car that comes complete with leather belts, and something so wonderfully charming about someone like Stephen Colbert, who was clearly always meant to be some sort of actor and entertainer. And then there’s Jerry, the effortless straight man to all of it.

Though beardy Stephen does need a pipe.

Anyways, for some reason they won’t let us embed the video, so go watch Stephen and Jerry be funny here.


And since we’re actually a bit backed up on these (shrug, whatchagonnado) go watch Jerry and Bill Maher fit their equally massive egos into a tiny car here, and watch Jerry entertain new Daily Show host Trevor Noah here.

Just... cancel the rest of your day, I suppose. You’ve got a lot of watching to do.

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