Stefan Eriksson's Cars Go Back to Blighty

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Fat Stefan is losing his wheels. The Brokeback Enzo, its black brother and Eriksson's Mercedes SLR are all returning to England, where banks have laid claim to the vehicles. Although Eriksson's legal team claims he owns the vehicles, a judge has ruled that the cars' rightful home is with the financial institutions that doled out the loads. If the bank is smart, they'll send the cracked-up car back to Ferrari for an overhaul and then sell the thing at Barrett-Jackson. Also, reader Nick tipped us off to an extensive interview with Jim Parkman, Eriksson's Alabama-based lawyer. [Thanks also to Scott for tippage.]

Wreckage from Ferrari crash to be returned to England [Sacramento Bee]

Jim Parkman: In His Own Words [WSFA]; Stefan Eriksson Finds Lawyer in Alabama [Internal]


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