'Stealth' Motorcycle Ditched in Wet Concrete on Michigan Highway

Photo: MDOT-Lansing/Jackson (Twitter)

Imagine you are Serious Motorcycle Man, out for a highway jaunt on your Serious Motorcycle with its Serious Aftermarket Exhaust and Serious Stealth Decal. Ain’t nothing can spoil your day. Well, maybe except for some wet concrete.

That’s exactly what happened to this Kawasaki owner, who apparently rode into a construction zone where workers were curing some concrete and got their bike (which hilariously has “STEALTH” written on it!!) stuck. More hilariously, it seems like they then left the scene of the mess, because the Michigan Department of Transportation took to Twitter and asked if anyone had lost a bike.


Not so stealthy now, what with that nice, new coat of concrete on its front and lower half.

Photo: MDOT-Lansing/Jackson (Twitter)

MDOT didn’t let up, either. It dunked on the owner some more afterwards:


Where do you go from there? What do you do after you get your bike stuck in some concrete on the highway? Do you get off and walk away? Do you call a Lyft? A friend? Your mom?

Regardless, there’s a bike awaiting a very sheepish owner in an impound lot in Michigan.


(h/t to Joe!)

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