Status Design Porsche Cayenne Biggest Russian Failure Since Glasnost

Status Design isn't the first tuner to mangle the otherwise mildly unattractive Porsche Cayenne — the Ruf Dakara comes to mind — but Status Design's taken to it with recklessly wild Russian enthusiasm.


Starting with the missile-equipped nose, which looks like a cross between a Ferrari Enzo and an original BSG Cylon, this Cayenne promises to be a stand-out in a country full of awkward vehicles. The addition of not one, but two, side scoops isn't outrageous for this type of vehicle, but there's little precedence for the C-pillar wings other than the Bertone Mantide. This is still a work in progress, which means there's still time to destroy it before it replicates. It's hideous to us, but sure to be a big hit among the Moscow oil oligarch crowd.


[CarScoop via]

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