Start Your Weekend Right With These Bonkertastic 1969 Opel Ads

The grueling four-day week is finally over, and it's been brutal. As usual, though, Uncle Jayjay has the solution: three exuberantly goofy old ads for the 1969 Opel Kadett, provided by our pal Skip Elsheimer of the A/V Geeks.


Somebody at Opel's ad agency must have had a brother with an elephant orchard or something, because each of these ads features elephants. In fact, two out of the three seem to be attempts to cram as many elephants as possible into 30 seconds, and advertising cars is a nice perk. Seriously, these are the most elephantest things you're going to see today, so if you can't handle your elephant, then, friend, time to click off this page, because it's about to get all kinds of pachyderm up in here.

I mean it, there's elephants in there.

Aside from elephants, there's the Skipper from Gilligan's Island, a cute pixie-haired 60s gal driving an awesome rally'd out Kadett, and an advertising campaign that seems to be focused on letting the buyer know that there's almost nothing new about the '69 Kadett.

Oh, and the Kadett's nickname is awesome: the mini-brute. Why aren't any manufacturers calling their cars something like that today? I'd be a lot more interested in a Sonic if Chevy referred to it as the "micro-beast."

Man, these ads are good. Now I want to buy an Opel. Or maybe an elephant.



I was really hoping to see a GT ad. What cool little cars those were. The 'Baby Corvette', and they sell for peanuts these days, even in good shape (if you can find them)