Start-Up Instructions For A Porsche 962

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The Porsche 962 is one of the most iconic race cars to come out of the 1980s, with versions competing in both IMSA GTP and the World Sportscar Championship's Group C. However, race cars typically need some cajoling to get going properly. Here is the list of start-up procedures for the 962.

Transcribed from the image:

Here are some helpful instructions before you start or run the car.

Starting: Turn the mixture knob four clicks to the right and start without pumping the throttle. As soon as the engine starts keep the rpm at 2200 - 3000, and turn the knob slowly towards the green point again. If you turn it too fast, the engine will not run properly.

Do not to leave the switch in the last two R/S positions for too long.

The mixture at these set points are too rich and will foul the spark plugs.

Running: When the engine is warm, adjust the boost with the knob between 7500 - 7800 rpm in 4th or 5th gear. The boost gauge should read between 1.15 and 1.25 bar. It will increase slightly during the lower rpm range.

You can adjust the mixture switch rich (R/S) or lean (L/S) to achieve maximum performance, but I would not recommend, changing it more than two clicks either way.

Data: Shift RPM = 7800; Top RPM = 8000; Rev limiter = 8300;

The 962 just might be a tad picky when it comes to fuel mixtures and boost, eh?


Considering that Jochen Dauer was able to get the 962 classified as a road car to run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans' GT1 class in 1994, the loophole on what defines a "road car" was pretty big. The loophole was quickly closed in 1995.

Photo credit: AP Images

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