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Stalin's Best Kept Secret: The Moscow Underground Metro 2

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stalin's "best kept" secret is like saying Toyota's most boring Camry, Bugatti's fastest Veyron SS or Nissan's ugliest Juke. There are no better kept secrets than Soviet secrets. Or are there?

We know Stalin for the execution of millions and the claimed striking similarities with President Obama. Turns out, he was also rather paranoid.


Stalin's extreme paranoia initiated the construction of Moscow's infamous "Metro-2", an extensive underground tunnel network extending from the Kremlin to KGB outposts and Stalin's outer city residences. An even further reach than the current public metro system , which already is the largest (and best looking) in the world.

Stalin's biggest fear was to be hit in the ‘stache with a nuke. This would warrant an escape using the Metro-2 tunnels. Lowered tracks make them suitable for trains and cars and considering the size of Soviet era cars, two-way traffic should be easy as Chicken Kiev pie.


Is it real?

Plausible. Convincing hints come from the demolition of the butt ugly Rossiya hotel located near the Kremlin where a tunnel was found. And then there are these pictures, from a Russian site referring to the tunnel as "D6", the KGB codename for Metro-2.


On this video "Urban Explorers" (or "diggers") enter the Metro-2 (skip to 6:50). Things get iffy when they attempt to exit Metro-2 by entering the regular Metro system (running parallel) through a welded shut door.

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What should Russia do with it?

Russia could put these tunnels to good use by turning them into an underground highway (with a drive thru for Beef Stroganoff sandwiches) or a racetrack. Turn the stations into clubs, by adding stripper poles (Russians love stripper poles) and vodka. Maybe a Lada Museum where we can see these beauties and get pressed Ruble pennies.


Leave your tunnel suggestions in the comments! But be careful what you write, as the KGB might be reading along.

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