Dozens of videos were posted on YouTube this year showing a valet at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown St. Louis doing donuts, peeling out, burning out, revving engines and spinning tires in expensive cars. You know, being normal valets.

Someone calling himself "valet underground" posted dozens of videos on YouTube, showing fancy cars being driven to the extreme in a parking garage about six months to a year ago.

The general manager of the Hyatt hotel in downtown St. Louis confirms it happened in his garage and according to the local Fox affiliate, tire marks are still visible on the pavement. He says the Hyatt fired this valet company, which has been identified as AAA Valet, from Atlanta, Gerogia, before he even knew of the video. He says the hotel replaced them with a St. Louis based valet company, and once he saw the video, he called AAA Valet to alert them to their employees' conduct.

Although the videos showing the parking garage antics were removed from YouTube Tuesday night, we've got a compilation of the videos here.

This, by the way, is why we will never hand over our keys to a valet. Ever. [Fox2News]