Spyker's Assets Pulled From Auction, No F1 Car For You

Well, that didn't take long. Less than a week after Spyker Cars' assets were listed for sale, the auction has been pulled and Spyker CEO Victor Muller has set the record straight.

In a statement, Muller says:

There is no auction or issue, and this should never have been news. A business tax dispute was settled and paid last Wednesday, yet the authorities took nearly five full days to process the payment. During this time, there was a website link to an auction that caused negative press for Spyker Cars. That link has finally been removed and the authorities have confirmed their receipt of payment. Spyker Cars remains on track with the production of the B6 Venator and will be releasing additional details in the near future.


Although that doesn't explain why a Spyker spokesperson said the seizure of the company's assets was inevitable, the situation has apparently been resolved – at least for now. And re-confirmation that the B6 Venator is still on is a nice touch, too.

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