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Spy Photos: More on the BMW 1-Series Cabrio

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

World Car Fans procured a few more shots of that supposed 1-Series cabrio, snapped at the company's proving grounds in northern Europe. Word is the Euro model will hit dealerships in 2007 as a lower-priced alternative to the 3-Series coupe-cabrio. Considering the disbelief voiced, er, enthusiastically after the first shots of the canvas-topped One surfaced, these shots may at least end the Lock Ness Beemer jokes once and for all.


More BMW 1-Series Cabrio Spy Photos [World Car Fans]

Spy Photos: BMW 1-Series Cabrio [internal]

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I caught this one in the heavy plastic-panelled camo twice, driving around in Ventura County, CA in the past few weeks. I guessed it was a BMW after seeing a pair of lightly camo'd '08 Mini's (base and S) on the same route a few weeks earlier. My camera phone pics sucked, Edmunds has some good shots looking like the one I saw, but the wheels were like the ones on the blue coupe posted on 3-28-07 on this page:…