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An "evolving member" of the evolutionm forums just posted some shots of what he thinks may be the Mitsu Evo X tooling around on the 91 with Michigan manny plates. Here's what GlobeCLK has to say:

"Last Friday (June 1) around 2:30pm on the 605 heading North, near Cerritos Auto Square. I spotted this weird looking EVO-VIII, the weird interior caught my eyes. RHD, some mechanical differences from EVO-VIII. Before I merged onto the 91 freeway, I snapped a few pics with my trusted DC (I always keep it handy in my car now). I don't know, seems like an EVO-X but with EVO-VIII sheet metals. We had some discussion over at ClubLexus, some people think it's a riced-out EVO, some think it's some wannabe-JDM EVO, others think it might be the EVO-X in disguise, just like how they were testing the GT-R under G35 coupe shell."


That's what the man who snapped the pics had to say โ€” but what do we think? Our gallery of the JDM Evo X below. [Hat tip to Alexander!]

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