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Spy Photos: Fiat 500 En Route Somewhere!

Illustration for article titled Spy Photos: Fiat 500 En Route Somewhere!

Fiat's resurrection of the Cinquecento is nearly complete. The company's already sent out shots of the Nuova 500 to the auto press, given it its own minisite (curse the faux-reggae sound bed!), and targeted it for hipster-dork uptake. The last stage is to show the damn thing. And according to a set of images on, that's happening on July 4th, in time for the 50th anniversary of its ancestors birth.


Nuova Fiat 500 in viaggio - 4/4 []

The Fiat 500 Returns: More on the New Cinquecento; Fiat 500? Real Soon!; Cinquento Nuovo! New Fiat 500 Pics Arrive [internal]


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Excellent. My girlfriend fell in love with the Trepiuno when we saw it debut as a concept at the Geneva motor show. She's held out this long hoping it would be available finally. :)