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Although it doesn't yet have a name — just an internal code designation at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid — we've heard from the kids over at Allpar that it may be called the "Crew." We've no idea, but we do know the site all about the Mopar-love claim to have the scoop, being the first to buy the Priddy pics. Here's what they're saying about what Priddy's spy shooter saw:

"The top photo is from a "blind" drive clinic in Southern California; it shows the JC49 to be built in Toluca, based on the Chrysler Sebring platform, with production scheduled for December 2007. Chrysler may eventually get a version of this vehicle, which might or might not be called the PT Cruiser; it's scheduled for about 25% of the production total, and would have completely different sheet metal..."

"...The JC49, at least, is planned to be part of Chrysler's long-delayed serious entry into Europe. One of them might be named PT Cruiser but would not be recognizable to current owners. The Toluca plant is set for a $1 billion upgrade to allow production of the new crossover alongside the PT Cruiser; it built 177,370 PT Cruisers in 2005, not bad for a "fad car" in its fifth year (2007 will be the seventh year, including 2001)."

We've no idea, so you take a look for yourself, and tell us what you think of the car-UV spy shots.

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