Spy Photos: 2007 Brabus Smart Cabrio

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Despite the arrival of the first US Smart Fortwo models in 2007, Europeans will still have one Smart up on the Yanks. That is, the Brabus-tuned Smart. With the current Brabus Black Star 101 ending production with the 2006 model, the company's working on its tuner version of the next-gen Fortwo, which spies have apparently caught in cabrio form during cold-weather flogging. With Brabus's help, the new model may just break 10 seconds in the zero-to-60 sprint, which is the Smart equivalent of doing a nine-second quarter mile.

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Only smart of merit: roadster/coupe.

The rest are golfcarts. And I still can't get excited by a brabus tuned golfcart.