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There’s something a little off here.

If you didn’t catch what as soon as you saw that view from the dash cam of the police SUV, well, the person leading this ultra-slow police chase is driving in reverse. This has to be the most unsuccessful getaway ever.

Local station Fox 45 reports that this strange chase happened during rush hour in Dayton, Ohio on Friday, after police got calls about a driver going down the highway in reverse. An officer caught up with the truck and slowly followed it along for a bit before the driver, unidentified by the news station or police but reported to be 46-years-old, backed into a barrier lining the road.


The officer appeared to try to block the driver in after the crash, but the driver rammed the police car a couple of times before speeding off—this time, not in reverse. That’s sort of an improvement, except for the part when the driver ran off the road and entered a ramp the wrong way. But hey, baby steps.

Somehow, as improbable as it seems, the cops reportedly never caught this driver in an active chase. Fox 45 reports that the officer ended the pursuit “due to the suspect’s danger to the public,” citing a police-department press release that Jalopnik could not locate.

The driver later wrecked and went to the hospital for treatment, according to Fox 45. The station reports that she’d hit four other cars before crashing herself, and that both the driver and passenger had minor injuries. The station reported that the driver faces charges, but didn’t say what the exact charges are.

Here’s hoping that no matter what charges she faces, she remembers to face the right way next time she gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. That’s a start.

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Sando Calrissian

2 things:

First - kudos to the cop for knowing when to back off. It’s never easy to swallow your pride, but the pickup was only speeding up in response.

Second - ummm, so swerving aside, is it actually illegal to do this? I mean, I want to say it is, but is it?