SpinTires Will Bring Gran Turismo-Level Detail To An Off-Road Video Game

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British software outfit Oovee has been tweaking and beta-testing their off-road simulator SpinTires for many moons. Now that the full-featured version is almost ready to go, I'm ready to believe this game might be the first and last title for ultra-realistic, aesthetically beautiful, off-road adventuring.

SpinTires might be the first game to capture what off-roading's all about; technical challenges and exploration, since 1NSANE; a simple but graphically engaging open-world off-road game I killed hours with at my college work study job.

Extreme levels of vehicle customization, a nuanced control interface, and graphics good you can smell the pine trees sounds like a killer combination for hours of entertainment. Sure it's no replacement for the gut-gyroscoping experience of a real outdoor truck adventure, but sometimes even the most stalwart of us just wanna relax and not deal $1,000's in damage to our daily driver.

SpinTires will be officially released on PC June 13th, check out these previews or download your own demo here and let me know if you're as fired up as I am. The trailer above cuts to the action quickest, but if you want a little more in-depth breakdown here are some impressions from one of those game-narrating Grandma's Boy video game testing guys:

Hat tip to Carscoops!

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Blake Noble

How about they do a reboot of the 4x4 Evolution series?

I had a copy of 4x4 Evo and 4x4 Evo 2 for my old Windows PC and they were fun as hell to play. You could buy most any production truck or sport-ute you wanted, realistically modify and upgrade it, and drive or race it off-road. If someone applied a Gran Turismo or Forza-like approach to a game like that, they'd have a real winner on their hands.