Spin Magazine Subscribers To Get Issues Of Car And Driver To Not Read In The Bathroom

So Spin magazine is going out of print. You're sad, I know, but hey, your subscription isn't up yet, maybe you'll get a nice refund to make up for the loss of music news.

Nope! You're getting Car and Driver instead. Shitting will never be the same.


Sure, Spin covers music and Car and Driver covers cars and, to a lesser extent, drivers, but they have a TON of similarities.

  • Spin has covered Lady Gaga. Car and Driver has covered the Lady Gaga of the car world, Bob Lutz.
  • Spin has album reviews. Car and Driver has car reviews.
  • Spin has witty commentary. Car and Driver has a small cartoon in the back of each issue.
  • Spin has ads for the hip young set. Car and Driver has ads for male enhancement and American Spirit Cigarettes.

So have no fear Spin subscribers and bring that new issue of Car and Driver with you to the can. If anything, Spin readers won't be in as much of an emergency situation when they run out of toilet paper anymore.

Maybe a magazine like Esquire would have made more sense. But if Car and Driver goes out of print, then what will subscribers get? Our bet is on Seventeen.

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