Spend Over An Hour Floating In Space Thanks To NASA

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There are many, many reasons why NASA is the greatest government agency ever created (just try and fight me, National Park Service.) One of the reasons, beyond all the rockets, is that they got the genius idea to attach GoPros to their astronauts. And then they uploaded all of that footage straight to the Internet.

Specifically, they attached GoPros to the astronauts conducting Extra Vehicular Activities, or EVAs, as they floated around the outside of the International Space Station. The footage you see here is from EVAs 30 and 31 back in February, which were done to help the station adapt from its original configuration, utilizing Space Shuttles, to its new configuration, using commercial spacecraft.

The result is beautiful, fascinating, and even a little scary all at the same time. It’s a fantastic contrast between the near-mundanity of using wrenches and other hand tools and, you know, being in space.


You know what I want to do after watching videos of space?

I wanna go to space.

H/t to r/space!