By now everybody knows that if you’re racing on public streets, endangering other drivers, you’re a colossal asshole, and, more than likely, a moron. But to drive in a street race on public roads with a six-month old baby in an unsecured car seat in the back, well, you’re like the infected asshole of an asshole. Also, you’re a shitty driver. Not you, of course. This guy.

The 26-year-old talking mound of wastes roughly shaped into a person appeared to be racing another car around 10:30 pm last night on Interstate 15 outside of San Diego. Officers attempted to pull over the white Honda, but after a bit of a fake-out where the driver steered the car onto the shoulder, the Honda returned to the road and sped away.

CHP officers chased the car at speeds of around 100 MPH, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, with the Honda eventually exiting the freeway, and then T-boning a Toyota Corolla at an intersection, flipping the Corolla onto its side.

Officers approached the smashed Honda to arrest the driver, still described as “fleeing,” when they found the six-month old little boy. He was in a carseat, but that carseat was not secured in place.


Holy crap this guy is a piece of shit.

Luckily, nobody was injured due to this moron – not him, not the baby, not the other car’s driver or even the two likely confused dogs in the Toyota. That’s pretty amazing.

Of course, the dipshit was driving on a suspended license, was arrested for that and suspicion of child endangerment, street racing, felony evading, and probably criminal sucking at being a human.