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The Spartan V has no AC. It has no turn signals or windshield wipers and no doors. It's spartan. It does have a tube-frame, carbon fiber body, and a 170-hp Ducati 1198s engine. It only weighs 660 lbs. Awesome.


Only 300 of these furious little Australian monsters will be built with about an $85,000 starting price. For your pound of flesh you get the following:

ENGINE: Ducati 1198S
CAPACITY: 1199cm³
WEIGHT: Less than 300kg
BRAKES: Front & Rear - Wilwood lightweight 300mm ventilated and scalloped rotors, Wilwood 4-piston billet calipers and Wilwood rotor hats
PEDALS: Tilton racing pedal assembly with remote brake bias
WHEELS: 17 x 7 inch lightweight race wheels
TIRES: 205/45 R17
TRANSMISSION: 6-speed sequential
SUSPENSION: Fully adjustable double wishbone front and rear with QA1 adjustable lightweight shock absorbers (OHLINS suspension upgrade available)
STEERING: Woodward Racing quick ratio steering rack and collapsible steering column, Sparco quick release steering hub, Sparco Formula steering wheel
INSRUMENTS: Ducati 1198 Digitek LCD dash
SEATS: Sparco competition FIA-approved racing seats, Sparco Racing FIA-approved 5 or 6 point harnesses
FINAL DRIVE: Drexler Motorsport Formula chain drive LSD
CHASSIS: Trellis design spaceframe - 350Mpa DOM mild steel tubing with roll-over protection. FIA-approved roll bar optional
BODY: Carbon-fiber
PERFORMANCE: 0-100km/h: 3 seconds
TOP SPEED: 280km/h
PRICE: $90,000AUD


That right there is the scientific formula for a very good time. Bike-engined cars are nothing new, and the lightweight formula's been around for a very, very long time, but combining them with a dash of Maserati-like styling makes this track-only micro-machine very lovely indeed. [Spartan-V]

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