Spanish F1 Driver Carlos Sainz Jr. Just Took the Open Seat at McLaren and There's a Weird Coincidence About It

Carlos Sainz Jr., the superbaby of Spanish rally legend Carlos Sainz, just announced that he’s taking the open seat at McLaren left by fellow Spaniard Fernando Alonso. But there’s something even more reflective about the career move.

This was pointed out on Twitter as the top response to Sainz’s announcement and I adore it very much:


The thing that this highlights is that the tracks that take you to F1 aren’t exactly the most broad these days, and it’s really not that much of a surprise that two drivers follow the same route. You have the Red Bull drive dev program and I assume everyone else just launches their dad out of a cannon, pockets stuffed with cash, aimed at the nearest F1 team owner they can find.

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