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Spanish Driver High On Cocaine Caught Doing 160 MPH In A BMW M2 CS

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Over the weekend on the coastal Autopista 7 in Tarragona, a beautiful Mediterranean town in Spain’s Catalonia, the Guardia Civil caught a brand new BMW M2 CS doing more than double the posted speed limit. An M2 CS is an $85,000 car in the U.S., but over in Spain it’ll run you the equivalent of $122,000. Yikes! You might think that anyone who would pay such a sum for a BMW 2 series would have to be high on copious amounts of drugs, and you’d be right, because the driver tested positive for cocaine consumption.

The 48-year-old driver was scooting along at 160 miles per hour (256 kph) in a zone where the limit was just shy of 75 miles per hour. Technically the M2 CS is quoted as having a top speed of 174, so it took a bit of restraint to refrain from keeping the throttle buried all the way to V max. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that it is a bad idea to do cocaine while driving, it is a bad idea to put everyone in danger by going so fast on public streets, and it’s probably a bad idea in general to sell a car with a top speed of 174.


It’s fair to assume that the driver has plenty of money if he’s dropping six figures on a compact BMW and unknown amounts of Euros on Peruvian dancing dust. It’s likely that he’ll have plenty left over to pay the 600 euro speeding fine, and the 1,000 euro driving under the influence of drug charge. According to Periodismo del Motor, getting caught at that speed can carry a prison sentence up to 6 months, and a loss of license up to four years. In this case, the driver will likely be charged with reckless driving, which can carry a 2 year prison sentence and 6 years without a license.

Speed isn’t worth it. And for that matter, neither is cocaine.