Sorry, Poors: The $3 Million Ferrari FXX K Is Already Sold Out

Some automakers do big product debuts to hype up their cars and generate interest among potential customers. Ferrari is not one of those companies. When they debuted the insane Ferrari FXX K track-special hypercar, they admitted they're all spoken for.


Top Gear reports that at the car's unveiling in Maranello, Ferrari disclosed two things: one, that just 40 examples will be built at a price of about 2.5 million Euro (roughly $3 million) each, and two, that all of them are sold out already.

Bummer. I was gonna buy two.

This isn't the first time Ferrari has debuted a hot new model only to disclose that its customers have already snatched them all up. The same thing happened last year with the unveiling of the LaFerrari, the car on which the FXX K is based. Same with the expensive but visually questionable Ferrari F60 America.

You can do that when you're Ferrari.

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