Sorry I'm Late, A Massive Deer Used My BMW As A Springboard

During the three years of high school in which he had to drive himself to class, my brother somehow amassed a ridiculous amount of car mishap stories. He lost a wheel. He lost a steering wheel. My personal favorite, though, is the one where he got hit by a deer. The thing came flying out of the woods, t-boned the passenger-side door, then stumbled back into the forest. And somehow that totally pales in comparison to this video of a deer landing on top of a BMW 5-Series.


The dashcam footage is below:

In the video, two cars are cruising down a wooded road when they come across a herd of deer trying to cross from one side to the other. Both cars come to a stop to avoid hitting the poor creatures, but somehow, that wasn’t the ideal option here, because the deer are already mid-flight. And the owner of the poor 5-series takes one deer to the roof and another to the top of the trunk.

The first one manages to use the roof as a spring board to continue hopping into the woods. The second isn’t so lucky. He jumped a little too soon and landed on the trunk lid, where he lost his grip and fell onto his stomach. The poor thing doesn’t look too hurt when it springs away, but I bet he was still scared as hell.

Thankfully, all the other deer made it to their destination with no problems. And it doesn’t look like the 5-Series owner sustained much more damage than a few dents. That’s a hell of a lot better than what that could have happened if he’d collided with one of the deer at speed.

All in all, it was a best-case scenario for everyone involved, but now I want to hear more about your near-misses.


Art Vandelay Silva

Repairing the damage from that is gonna cost some bucks.