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I know what you've been thinking. You've been saying to yourself, "The 2015 BMW M4 sounds awesome, but I'm gonna hold off until I can get a Gran Coupe version." I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your dream of a more practical four-door M4 will never become a reality. Darn! Darn it all!


Though the new 4-Series comes in Gran Coupe form with an extra set of doors and a hatchback, BMW has no plans to make a hotted-up M version with a 425 horsepower, twin-turbo inline six.


The reason for this is cost, M sales chief Jörg Bartels told Australia's Cars Guide. At the Australian launch of the new M4, Bartels said BMW "definitely considered" an M4 Gran Coupe.

However, they decided against it because the 3-Series, 4-Series coupe and 4-Series Gran Coupe are all built in different German factories. Adding M production to another plant didn't make financial sense, Bartels said.

Humor aside, I don't think we're missing much. I recently rode in a 435i Gran Coupe in a parade lap at Watkins Glen (my wife went in an i8 because she's cooler than me) and I was struck by how similar it was to a 3-Series. An M4 Gran Coupe just doesn't seem necessary, even though "necessary" doesn't really seem to enter into BMW's crazy product plans these days.

If M4 variants are your thing, there's still the M4 Convertible, probably set to debut next year, the magazine reports. And if you need four doors, there's always the M3.

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