Soon You Can Buy Vacant Lots In Detroit For $100 Each

One of the ideas from Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan during his campaign was to sell empty lots in the city for a small price to be used for the owner's (legal) discretion. Looks like Duggan is keeping his promise, as such a program is coming to fruition.

Duggan tweeted last night that a pilot program to sell lots in the city for $100 is under way in Southwest Detroit. The lots are ones that likely are owned by the city, whether naturally empty or vacant by means of home demolition. They're probably not huge lots; likely just enough for a home that used to be there.


There are a million things you could do with a vacant lot in Detroit, but if I had the opportunity, I'd consider:

  • Mini-mini golf
  • Outdoor beer garden (See: Tashmoo)
  • Fancy outdoor wedding garden for thrifty couples
  • A giant slot racing track

But let's be real, anyone who gets these lots are probably going to turn them into urban farms and yoga spots. Because Detroit.

Now here's the catch: Duggan said previously that only Detroit residents would have first crack at buying the empty lots, keeping out predatory investors from elsewhere. I already told you that real estate here was cheap. Wouldn't you want some extra land to go with it?

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