Son Buys Late Dad's Corvette Almost 40 Years After Mom Sold It

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Break out the Kleenex for this. A Metro Detroit man is reunited with his dad's 1973 Corvette Stingray, a car he hadn't sat in since he was about three years old. The last time he rode in the car was after his dad died while working on it.

In the latest for a banner year of local Corvette owners finding their lost loves, Fox 2 has the heartwarming tale of Scott Bachman, who tracked down his father's 'Vette after he began having recurring dreams about it.


Bachman's father purchased the '73 'Vette in 1975, but suffered a stroke while tinkering with the convertible shortly after. Before Bachman's mother sold it, she let him "drive" the car one last time.

"I started having dreams about it May. Real vivid, recurring dreams. I told my wife I need to find this car."

"It was until I got into the seat and put my hand on the steering wheel that I felt like I really connected with him again."


Fortunately Bachman kept the VIN. He tracked it down to its owner, made an offer and bought it. To boot, the owner had his father's keychain, preserved after all these years.

Most of the original parts are still there — engine, transmission, even the same paint color — but it does need work, he says.