Man, good track days: nothing like ‘em. You’re hitting all the apexes, really getting into the swing of things. You finish the day without anybody crashing. Life is good. You feel good. But not all track days were created equal.

Last Sunday, a bunch of fun-havers were driving along on the Nürburgring only to hit a large fluid spill. Supposedly, the fluid leak, which occurred at the foxhole corner, came from an orange McLaren 650S, according to Bridge to Gantry.


YouTuber xthilox had onboard footage of the pileup. Judging from the video, it was hard to see the spill and any yellow flags through this high-speed section of the track before it was too late.

The 10-car incident closed the Ring for the rest of the day.

“In total over 30 emergency workers were involved in the rescue operation, plus [two] helicopters, [five] ambulances and emergency doctors,” wrote Bridge to Gantry. Thankfully, everyone survived, though four reportedly have serious injuries.

You can have all the skill in the world, but sometimes bad luck just gets you. Stay safe out there, everyone. Keep your eyes up.

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