Most of us know that the CAN Bus is the nervous system of a modern car. It’s the network that all of a modern car’s many computers communicate through, and understanding this network is crucial to understanding modern cars. Sadly, usually to understand it, you need to read lots and lots of tedious words, like some filthy, literate animal. But don’t give up hope! This video is surprisingly simple, informative, and watchable!

Sure, it’s not the most exciting video in the world, but this is one of the few easy-to-understand yet reasonably detailed CAN bus explainers.

One of the nice things about the video is how it actually shows the CAN messaging structure, explains what each chunk does, and gives a good sense of the kinds of messages being sent all over your car.

So, you know, take a minute and learn something. If you’re like me, it’ll make you happy you drive old, inefficient shitboxes without any computers at all!