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Someone's Selling a Postal Jeep Powered by Two Small-Block Chevy Motors Bolted Together

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out where the 18 missing inches of my postal Jeep’s frame went, but now I have a possible answer: This over-17 foot-Jeep DJ-5 for sale on eBay stole it so that it could house two inline small-block Chevy V8s and a pair of sideways-mounted radiators. Just look at this wacky contraption.

What an absurd machine readers Derek and Sean sent me via email: It’s an old Jeep Dispatcher with two rebuilt Chevy 355 small-blocks bolted one in front of the other, and sending power to a TH400 three-speed automatic, and finally to a leaf-sprung 1993 Jeep XJ rear axle. Most interestingly, the engines are cooled via two side-mounted radiators with electric fans fastened to them:


Up front, there’s a transverse leaf-sprung I-Beam axle that the seller says comes from a 1955 Ford. The tires are 35-inch all-terrains, which are brought to a halt by power disk brakes at the front and drums at the back, and turned via a rack an pinion steering system a 90s Ford, of sorts.

The custom frame, the seller says, is made of two-by-six 3/16-inch thick tube, and is mated to a sub-frame for the engine and trans via some rubber mounts.


Interestingly, the coolant seems to be transported to the radiators via red PVC tubing, and—according to the seller—is motivated by two electric water pumps.

The number “two” is really the theme, here. It’s a two-wheel drive postal Jeep powered by two engines, cooled by two radiators, getting fuel via two new fuel pumps and two new Holley 600 carbs, and getting spark from two new Optima batteries.


Two is also the number of digits that this Jeep is apparently unable to score in the area of fuel economy, because the seller thinks it scores around 7.5 MPG, which, I guess, isn’t surprising considering the two motors and the estimated 4,000 pound curb weight.


The amazing Jeep, complete with the highly appropriate “Never Underestimate a Motivated Redneck” on its rear window, is for sale in Virginia on Craigslist and eBay right now for $15,000. I have no clue if that’s a good deal or not, because I’ve never seen anything like this.

It’s a magical machine.

h/t: Sean, Derek