Someone Turned This School Bus Into A Rolling Resturant

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When a big yellow Thomas FS-65 rumbled up with a Generac 8000E strapped to the back and "Cool Bus" written in place of a destination, I assumed it was a family band or just a bunch of hippies. But when I noticed the "cafe" text and menu I realized I was looking at some kind of food truck.

The vibe may have been a little "To Catch A Predator-y", but the parking lot was well-lit and I figured running into Chris Hanson would only make the story better so in I went.


The door was the familiar folding type I hadn't used since eighth grade. As I opened it, the smell of a greasy diner hit me in the face like a dodgeball along with memories of doodling "DEFTONES" on my Trapper Keeper.

Moving up the stairs I found myself in a seating area with a few little booths, a coffee station, soda fountain, and flat screen TV looking rather out of place.

Seeing the same type of woodstove that heats my house was a surprise, but I liked the strings of rope-lights (another thing I loved in middle school). I almost didn't notice the window-style A/C unit; a shade-tree classic if there ever was one.


Not sure the "Cool Bus" would be sexy enough for Brooklyn, but up in Duchess County it seemed to be doing just fine. Three people came in to buy chow during the fifteen minutes the rig was parked, and this was not exactly a bustling city corner.


The kitchen took up the rear third of the interior, where I found a gentleman working the grille who identified himself only as "Ed."

He wasn't keen on me taking photos, but when I assured him of the fame and riches that would likely follow coverage on Truck Yeah! he conceded.


The kitchen actually looked pretty serious, and explained the 8000 watt power source hanging off the rear bumper. Ed was tightlipped, but said he was doing "quite alright" and had plans to build another bus. Specifically, one with a leprechaun theme. Yes, you better believe I'll be trying to track that one down.

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