Someone Stop Me From Spending All My Money On The World's Most Perfect Jeep Truck

Photo: Craigslist
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The lovable Jeep Comanche—based on the equally-lovable Jeep Cherokee platform—is a fantastic little truck. But this one for sale on Craigslist, a single-owner short-bed with original paint, a five-speed manual, a 4.0-liter inline-six and only 18,500 on the clock, is truck-o-motive perfection. I need it.

My coworker Mike Ballaban wants to see me burn. Either that, or he severely overestimates my ability to control impulses, because what was he thinking sending me this Craigslist post?! Just look at this thing:

Photo: Craigslist

Everything from the paint to the Pioneer decal to the turbine wheels just speaks to me. It whispers to me, saying “David, withdraw $22,500 dollars from your bank account.”

Photo: Craigslist

While I’ll admit that the price is ridiculous, check out how perfect this interior is.

This thing looks like a brand new example of one of the finest semi-unibody pickups ever built. How could I possibly resist this? How could anybody?

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