Someone Please Help This Poor Car Dealership Mascot

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A car dealership in Minnesota wanted to highlight a few of their new models at a local ice rink. Too bad their polar bear mascot couldn’t keep his footing. While the commercial might not have sold any new Mitsubishis, the outtakes are hilarious.

White Bear Mitsubishi has, as you would, a white bear as a mascot. Unfortunately, unlike the real deal, this one isn’t so good at walking on the ice.

White Bear Mitsubishi wanted to set up an ad with the University of Minnesota’s hockey team, according to While the team’s mascot, Goldy Gofer, handled the rink just fine, the poor guy in the bear outfit had a tough time.

Slip after slip and finally capping it off with a faceplant, you would think the falls were intentional, but I guess those bear feet really are slippery. Once the dealership’s ad agency realized they weren’t going to get through the shoot with an upright bear, they released the outtakes for comedy gold instead.


That’s fine. Now more people know about the dealership than ever before. Mission accomplished, bear.