(Image Credit: Mx5 International/Facebook, edited by the author)

The 2017 Mazda Miata is pretty much perfect, but it does feel like itā€™s missing something. SomeoneĀ just gave their Miata that missing ingredient, the one feature the car needed to achieve supreme automotive excellence.

Right-hand drive? No. Well, in this case yes, but also, pop-up headlights!

Pop-up headlights arenā€™t what made the original Mazda Miata famous, but they definitely made the car look happy to see you. The new Miata is still excellent, even if its face is a little angrier these days. A little throwback to the OG fixes that.

I donā€™t, uh, think these flappy bits of cardboard will do much for your nighttime visibility but they sure are cute and hilarious.

Hat tip to Anton!