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Someone Crashed A Chrome Gallardo Into A Wrangler By Michigan State

Illustration for article titled Someone Crashed A Chrome Gallardo Into A Wrangler By Michigan State

Oh, the things that go down at my alma mater. It's not even basketball season yet and expensive things are being destroyed. Sometime this month, a chromed-out Lamborghini Gallardo and a Jeep Wrangler collided just off Michigan State University's campus.


@M_Gannon tweeted the crash at the intersection of Grand River and Gunson, East Lansing's #1 party street. (At least during my day.) The crashed happened during Welcome Week, of course. But it's all over Reddit now.

I'm trying to think of the douchiest vehicle you could ever drive in East Lansing, and it would probably have to be an overly modded Dodge Ram with lots of accents but no power. Or maybe a Focus with a spoiler and a Monster logo. I think we've got a new winner here.


It's not as bad as some recent Lambo accidents but nasty nonetheless. No word on if there were any injuries.

Image via/Hat-tip to Motor Authority, but that's not Detroit, by the way...

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If this chrome Lambo also had MSU vanity plates reading "RSEBOWL" I believe we spotted it parked in front of Ronin in Royal Oak a while back as well.