I'm an average American. I want a car designed by the average American, for the average American. Well, I don't have to look any further than this: The Homer. And now it's going racing.

The original Homer, of course, was designed for Powell Motors by Homer Simpson, in his quest to help his half-brother Herb have a new world-beating car for his company. Some features of the Homer were muzzles and restraints to combat quarreling kids, double compartments to separate them from their parents, and extra large cupholders for thirsty Americans.


It even had three horns, because who can find a horn when they're mad? For the racing version, Powell Motors has made a number of changes. The chassis is now based on a lightweight car, the BMW E30. They've also added a roll cage and racing seats, but the separate compartments for parents and children, multiple horns, and outrageous average man styling remain. It's still powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding, like a Nerf ball.

Think of it as a Homer Superleggera.

There is even a Bort license plate, even though my son is also named Bort. There are some truly excellent photos of it here.


One thing they did knock down was the price. The original Homer was a whopping $82,000. The new racing Homer Superleggera is just $500 and going LeMons racing (That also makes this the best LeMons car ever, better than the Arrested Development stair car Civic). That's value! Do you know how much Crab Juice you could get with that extra coin?

(Hat Tip to @SpeedSportLife!)